Wednesday, June 3, 2009

If You Don't Limp - pictures

So I don't have to keep searching for the link.

WARNING: Photos contain blood and such.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

106 laps of boredom.

100 Miles of Nowhere = DONE.

At the beginning.

Climbing the hill.... again and again and again.


And I got the Jumping the Gun Award! Check it!

Friday, May 8, 2009

100 Miles of Nowhere.... aka 99 of 29 +1 for good luck

Time for me to get crazy again..... Saturday, May 9th, I plan to ride 100+ miles on the bicycle. And instead of going somewhere fun and seeing interesting places, it will be around the block I grew up upon.

First off... what?!??
- 100 Miles of Nowhere is the brain child of Elden "Fatty" Nelson ( Last year he did a 100 miles on his bike rollers (indoor trainer) just to do it. It ended up being a pretty big deal. This year it is an official event where people sign up to do a 100 miles on a bike trainer, rollers, or a seriously small outdoor course.

Now... why?! -This is a fundraiser for the Lance Armstrong Foundation. Fatty's wife (Susan) has metastatic breast cancer. 400+ folks signed up to do this ridiculous event, and with $50 of the $75 entry fee going to LAF, that means $20,000+ has been raised. If anyone wants to donate something, great; but I'm not soliciting cash here. I'm soliciting people to come join me! Either just to spectate me climbing the hill 100+ times (details just below) or to ride some with me.

When: May 9th. Start time hopefully around 9:30am. (The perscribed day is May 23 but I'll be in the BWCA, thus why I am doing this early)

Where: Rochester (MN) around the 29th street block. (link below). This is a .9 mile loop with an estimated elevation gain of 75 feet per lap according to Google Maps. Meaning I'm looking at 8k elevation gain over 100 miles. Ooooof.

And, to make things a bit more interesting, I'll be doing this on a full suspension mountain bike. Yup, crazy! I may bring the road bike as well and use that for a bit, but as it is about as comfortable as a cross country drive in a Pinto, I won't be on it for the full hundred.

Therefore, anyone in Rochester (or wanting to come to Rochester) stop by and say hi. And why not ride a lap, or 3, or 30, or 100+ with me. I'm assuming mom will be doing water and food hand-ups.

Also, per Ross' request I'll be tweet-casting during the ride so you can get updates at

This is going to hurt.... a lot.


p.s. As always, pass along as appropriate to others.

p.p.s. And, yes, I'm having second thoughts about going for an outdoor route instead of dealing with the sheer boredom of being on a trainer for 6+ hours.

Route map